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A New Music Education Approach

How well I recall a school incident: Choir and Band were the alternative music electives of the day. I never had an inclination or talent with instruments so choir was my choice. I sang in garage/dance bands outside of school. A guy in another band brought in a 45 rpm they had just cut with Capitol Records. Back then Capitol was synonymous with the Beatles and Beach Boys.

Instead of praise, our choir teacher merely dismissed it with "Oh, that's just a simple 5th ... blahdeblah ...". How things have changed! While kids today use the same Fender guitars and 'retro' amps the change has been in their parents. A trace of 'creative potential' in the offspring gets the hearts racing. Hordes of 50,000 swarm the pop-idol auditions.

What our site offers is a predictable stage of the music cycle - back to basics. While lavish backing tracks are available on karaoke disks the old challenge remains - what can you do if someone hands you the guitar around the campfire? Using our Creative Commons free music tutorial methods you can quickly learn to play by ear sufficiently well to accompany your singing. Our karaoke site offers tips on how to apply this to karaoke performance. Our target audience is the thousands who have a guitar in the closet they've always meant to play and who almost get it right at the karaoke.

We also hope to help the thousands of teachers who say music education is being downgraded and who are seeking a way to 'engage the kids' with popular music genre. Our answer is not to bring in current top-40 pop culture but rather to make your own music popular. As with the countless previous incarnations of the music cycle, ukelele to hootenanny, your music will be as popular as you make it. If a cool trendsetter plays these tunes you can bet others will follow suit. So first try our basics then apply them to your more contemporary choices.Our bet is that, like so many musicians before, you'll start to like the old tunes. That's why they've lasted.


Creative Commons free to download and distribute the files for any use.