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OZ-ROCK: Learn to play guitar in 10 minutes

Educators around the world are looking toward popular music as a way of 'engaging kids' who otherwise would never be likely to pursue a musical instrument in school, let alone in adult life.

Under their noses, for the last century, has lurked the out-of-school tradition of jug bands, ukeleles, jazz combos, do-woppers, and garage bands. In the tradition of pianolas and 'the bouncing ball' we've had decades of karaoke.. Belatedly music educators are seeking to harness this intrinsic interest.

This website offers a new method of learning useful-level guitar. The backing tracks are based on special chords that allow simple one to three fingered 'shapes' to fit in well - no muffled notes, no special re-tunings!.

This is a Creative Commons free resource that can be downloaded and used in whatever way you want. Although simple enough for an individual learner it probably works best if a trained teacher gets you started following the tutorial. Teachers can use the system for other instruments as well as guitar..

Just download the 5mb zip file listed at left and open it as a PowerPoint (.pptx). Open full-screen so that you can click on the embedded midi files and view the animations showing finger positions for chords.

The zipfolder also contrains dozens of midi backing tracks listed by name_KEY. These use the special chords that can make your guitar playing easy.

You can practice the system even without a guitar! The free Acrobat app plays the sounds of the one-finger chords. Just download it and you can try out the blues and other sequences. Press the gray finger buttons to play the chords.

This is a play-by-ear system so it's not about an instructor saying 'now press these fingers ...", rather it's about you having a go, listening to the tunes and playing along by ear with the simple chords. After you've mastered that there are thousands of on-line guitar coaching resources. and showcase many of the backing track tunes. will post additional video-tutorials. The songs are public domain with Creative Commons performances that may be freely downloaded and used for any purpose, commercial or non-profit.


Creative Commons free to download and distribute the files for any use.