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The karaoke machine is today's ukelele, concertina and player piano rolled into one. The forerunner of karaoke, the pianola, was contemporary with Chautauqua. Both emerged in the 1880s and had peaked by the 1920s. Although Chautauqua music was non-participative it shared the pianola ideal of mass spread of musical culture.

Later models of the pianola included 'word rolls' to encourage sing-along. Film brought 'follow the bouncing ball' participation and this was state of the art until the electronic era of modern karaoke. Enthusiasts today are used to instant push-button song play and take copyright permission for granted. The web, however, is not exempt from copyright. The song you sing at pub karaoke is illegal on the web.That is the reason we offer only public domain songs.Bringing these ancient songs back to life is a great karaoke challenge.

We encourage anyone interested in expression through singing to try karaoke and take advantage of the plethora of low-cost digital recording devices now available.

Crowd applause is a very innacurate guide. There is nothing like listening back through headphones to see what you really sound like to others.


Feel free to download and distribute the .pdf files for hobby use.