Clue 4 Answers

Team Name

Location of Lost City

The map below allows you to choose one item only as your best estimate at this final stage of the location of the Lost City. Click in the closest available square.


If you cannot locate it on the above map use the Latitude and Longitude method below.

If you have refined your search, specify the exact location below in terms of longitude and latitude as:



If you have a more precise Latitude/Longitude enter it at right in text form

If you have a more precise descriptor or modernplace name enter in text form



Specify at right the highest metal technology the people were likely to have used at the time the city was built



List the types of building structures believed to have been found at the site of the Lost City:

wood hut wood hall earth mound earth pyramid
stone pyramid stone temple road way stone circles, monoliths
hill fort mine or quarry armed camp entire walled city
large tent/straw village clay or adobe cliff or cave site villa
other other other other


Name given to People of Lost City by Archaeologists

Any other name given to People of Lost City (culture, tribe, nation etc)


When you have reviewed your answers print out and fax to your regional Tournament office